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A flying saucer is something simple!

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In section: « the UFO it is simply! », the circuit design{diagram} of operation of "UFO", but in edition 1999 г. (a site has been shown: " the UFO it is simpl y ! ", has been published in 1999г.) Now on a yard 2005г. - has come a time edition to change, and, more precisely to supplement. The text is designed for readers studied section: « the UFO it is simply! », as in a bottom{basis} of the device of a UFO all lays the same thermoelectric principle. Would be, also, not bad if the reader read the section featuring physical properties of the Time.

Let's consider a construction which is figured on fig. 76. It, also, a thermocouple, the circular plane form, consisting of two heterogeneous materials and connected by thermoelectric junctions{seals}. In the given construction, in difference from early observed{watched}, we shall use four junctions{seals}. At centre there is a hole in radius ОА. junctions{Seals} go from edges of hole ОА up to edge of a contour. Also, as against early the surveyed construction, junctions{seals} go not radially, and under some angle - a, a ring and central junction{seal} miss. The heating is made on an edge of a central hole.

Process of formation of lines of an electric current begins with a point t0 so, that the section t0 - t0 is the tangential to a round of a hole and sections A - t0 are equal. A boundary points A and t0 process does not go, as colliding directions of lines of an electric current are quenched in tangency point of a line t0 - t0 to a line of a round of a hole. Further process goes on points t1- 6 between the next junctions{seals} (the quantity{amount} of points equal to six picked conditionally). Between points t0 and t1 there is some of points where process (in our case, also, begins is conditionally shown one point - t7). From a point t7 process goes on points t8-t12.

Thus, we gain a field of currents. On figures it is figured by a field of currents in which currents go from more cold junction{seal} to more heated, accordingly, at the second half of thermocouple currents will go from more heated junction{seal} to more cold. For a field of currents figured in figure opportunely to speak about a field of resultant currents. From figure it is visible, that to a line resultant, at traffic from one junction{seal} to another, change the direction from the tangential to a round inscribed in a square of intersection of the conditional lines of junctions{seals}, up to radial (medial resultant). At traffic from one junction{seal} to another the density resultant varies, also. From the same figure it is visible, that medial resultant passes explicitly not in the middle between junctions{seals}. Thus, the density of resultant currents has variable character, as radial, at traffic from a rim to centre, and undular, at traffic from a junction{seal} to a junction{seal}.

The field of currents for all surface is shown on fig. 77. At centre currents are torqued in a spiral in boundary line of a round inscribed in a square formed by the conditional lines of prolongations of junctions{seals}. There is a problem: « Why currents at centre are torqued in a spiral? There, generally, there is a conductor! » The problem is competent if to observe{watch} a plate as the separate isolated system. But we already spoke about a volume, that the plate will use exterior energy - energy of an exterior magnetic field.

The initial heating is necessary that « to launch process », figured on fig. 78. In figure the path of a magnetic flux formed is figured by a field of resultant currents. The path has spiral character or, if to be expressed more precisely, actually whirlwind character, as directionally, and on density. That is, both the shape and the content accept structure of a vortex (in difference, for example, from a magnetic field around of a conductor with a current). The magnetic flux « is simply has no place to disappear » how to descend{go} on a spiral in centre. Hence, it is necessary to fill in a generatored rarefaction and process includes an exterior electromagnetic field. The plate as though "sucks" an electromagnetic energy. Therefore on a surface of a plate already there are the currents formed from an external field according to the shape and the content of a magnetic flux.

Let's give the citation from "Kalagia" which was given in section «UFO it is simply! »

“Thus, on centripetal energy movement the Matter (Space) thickens and the density of Time rarefies in the Center of Fire Movement. In the Circumference of the Energy Influence in this case the Matter (Space) rarefies and the density of Time thickens; beyond the Circumference of the Energy Influence the Matter (Space) thickens and the density of Time rarefies.

“On centrifugal energy movement the Matter (Space) rarefies and the density of Time thickens in the Center of Fire Movement. In the Circumference of the Energy Influence in this case the Matter (Space) thickens and the density of Time rarefies. Beyond the Circumference of the Energy Influence the Matter (Space) rarefies and the density of Time thickens.”

On fig. 67 (section: « we simulate atom ») process of shaping of atom corresponding is shown process of centrifugal traffic of energy. The alternative observed{watched} by us, also, corresponds{meets} to centrifugal traffic of energy. Obturated at centre of a field of an electric current corresponds{meets} to the Time, the magnetic flux between plates corresponds{meets} to Energy, and a magnetic field from an outside of the surfaces, obturated on a round and dilute to centre, corresponds{meets} to Space. If a construction of the flat shape, we shall receive the structure corresponding to structure of atom at a macrolevel (fig. 70A, section: "neutrino").

The traffic route of a magnetic flux is determined by a rule{position} of thermocouples be relative each other according to their thermoelectric coefficients or a slope (right or left-hand) a junction{seal}. In our case (fig. 76) if currents go to centre, and at the second half, accordingly, from the centre, the figured plate should be "from above" (concerning a direction of a sight) then the magnetic flux between plates will go from centre - centrifugally, and an exterior magnetic field to centre.

For obtaining a better pattern of currents it is useful to make junctions{seals} not straight-line{rectilinear}, but incurvated on an arc, as shown in fig. 79. In such construction the junction{seal} directly on an edge of a circle has a radial direction with a gradient junction in the eccentric. The complete pattern of currents is shown on fig. 80. In that case the magnetic flux will have seal (the greatest density of a whirlwind spiral) precisely on an edge of a circle. Such shape of a junction{seal} will be close to straightening. To straighten{find} out, what should be this shape shall consider other process corresponding to the first instanced citation from "Kalagia" about centripetal traffic of energy.

Already clearly, that the shape of junctions{seals} determines a mechanical trajectory of resultant currents, that, in turn, determines character of electromagnetic process. To receive opposite process it is necessary to exchange simpl lines of a magnetic field and line of force of currents. Therefore the path of junctions{seals} will be in the form of circular arcs, as shown in fig. 81. we shall not present anew a procedure of build-up of a field of resultant currents. The general pattern is figured for all plate on fig. 82.

On fig.83 the construction of a plate at which the arc of a semicircumference of a junction{seal} touches edge of a contour of the circular shape is figured. We draw the compasses of a field of currents. We note{register} centres of rounds of a field of currents. We choose a semicircumference (in our case it is the right junction{seal}) and the radius from tangency point to centre of a semicircumference (in our case this radius coincides with one of axes of a construction) conducted. From an intersection point of this radius with the following semicircumference the radius to centre of this semicircumference conducted. From an intersection point of this radius with the following semicircumference the radius to centre following, etc. conducted. We Gain a track of a path of a magnetic flux.

In such construction of a field of currents at centre it is unloaded and it is obturated to edge of a contour. The magnetic field, as well as a field of energy (magnetic flux), is obturated at centre (on Kalagia - at centre of traffic of a light{fire}) and is discharged to boundary line of a circular contour of a construction. For the first observed{watched} construction all on the contrary - a field of currents (Time) is obturated at centre and unloaded to boundary line of a contour, and the field spaces (magnetic field) is obturated on ambit of a round and has the least density at centre.

Very important value has a position{rule} of a round of agency{effect} of energy. The round of agency{effect} of energy, in my fathoming, is a round with maximum density or maximum rarefaction of energy. In the first case we know, that energy (magnetic flux) goes from centre and attains the greatest density to a line of a round due to radial character of a junction{seal} at boundary line of a construction. That the line of a round was an influence line of energy, or a round of maximum density of energy, it is necessary, that the stream-line has again changed the direction - from radial to the eccentric. In such situation the magnetic field behind a round of a construction will be rarefied (the further, the is more rarefied) and to be obturated to a round of agency{effect} of energy. The field of currents will be obturated (the further, the the density is more) due to curling stream-lines. The vector of traffic of energy will be directed from centre (fig. 84, fig. 85).

At overlapping{adjustment} of two types of traffic of energy it is possible to receive process when centripetal traffic of energy makes pumping energy in a round of agency{effect} of energy of centrifugal type. Due to pumping energy in a round of its{her} agency{effect} there will be an exit of energy in a vertical plane (if, conventionally to consider{count}, that the plate is to a horizontal plane). For a planar construction this process is figured on fig. 86. We gain structure of atom.

For a UFO we should change the space shape so that to set to energy streams the funnel-shaped shape (fig. 87). Therefore, the flat shape is necessary for changing on funnel-shaped so that the generating line of a funnel was a circular arc (fig. 88). Besides in a construction of a plate it is necessary to combine two types of traffic of energies - centripetal and centrifugal. For this purpose, at first, to the funnel-shaped shape the flat shape (fig. 89) is added. Flat and funnel-shaped shapes are combined so that the path of a funnel-shaped stream in the overhead point lay down on a flat part of a construction (fig. 90, fig. 91). Second, for both types of traffic of energy, it is necessary to combine rounds of agency{effect} of energy so that these rounds coincided with a line of a round of all construction. This condition is implemented by means of a junction{seal} corresponding shapes (fig. 92). From a shearing of a funnel the junction{seal} has a path for energy of centripetal type. On lines of transition of the funnel-shaped shape in flat the junction{seal} changes a path for a path for energy of centrifugal type.

By operation of the device in a place of transition of a funnel in a plane, because of change of a path of a junction{seal} the band with a rarefaction of energy is formed. Therefore entry{receipt} of energy will go to centripetal traffic above a plane, and entry{receipt} of energy will go to centrifugal traffic from centre with the subsequent change of a path curvature up to funnel-shaped states (fig. 93). Such intersection of energies with various type of traffic does not give a magnetic flux to become isolated on itself and, thus, there is an energy transfer so, that "above" a plate the rarefaction area of energy is formed, and "under" a plate a band of seal. Hence, the vector of a pressure gradient will change the direction on opposite (if to consider{count}, that the gravitating installation is under a plate). The plate will displace to a point of the least pressure.

From figures it is visible, that the shape of a plate is its{her} propeller. In an observed{a watched} case an engine positioning inferior. Can be and the overhead engine positioning, thus the shape of junctions{seals} varies with reference to centrifugal type energies (fig. 94). The construction will be such as though рис.93 have turned on 180 grades.

Above a plate there is a cupola, also the funnel-shaped shape. The wall of a cupola is combined with the shape of centrifugal entry{receipt} of energy. The shape of a cupola plays an essential role in-process all construction, and, also, carries on itself functions of a cabin.

In section « Physical properties of the Time » it is shown, that the microleptonic field has titanic density of energy. We to use this energy are not able, as we are not able to free this energy. The matter is that this energy "is trusty packed" inside a lepton and freed only inside atom. On an exit from atom energy is again retained by leptonic substance. The problem will be, that this energy to liberate. We are able to free energy of chemical bond, gaining, for example, response of burning or response of an explosion, we have learned to free energy of communications{connections} in atom by means of nuclear responses, etc., but we are not able to use energy of space-time field. We simply did not know about its{her} existence, more truly, suspected, in fact now apparent that fact, for example, is, that the vacuum can give rise to fundamental particles. But closely this problem (except for the Tesla), probablly, nobody was engaged.

In our construction this problem is solved with the help of the discharge of static energy. At start of process the generatored field of currents, from the point of view of a field of joint current, has whirlwind character and, accordingly, a magnetic field and a magnetic flux between plates also have whirlwind character. Whirlwind formations are very resistant to structure. Therefore it is possible to consider{count}, that the field of currents will be resistant to, both due to whirlwind character, and due to a temperature support. But the contour formed by plates between which the magnetic flux leaks - is unclosed. The currents going on one plate from centre and on another to centre terminate, accordingly, on an edge of a circular contour and on an edge of a central hole. It will give to that on an edge of a tails of an electric current the negative charge will collect, and on an edge of an entry positive. Accumulation goes until the potential difference will not reach magnitude breakdown voltages (fig. 95). At the moment of the discharge the contour is made, and the current becomes short-circuit currents and as the path of a magnetic flux has whirlwind character, retrace of a peak value of stress level of a magnetic flux to initial value will happen not instantaneous, and through any period. This gap will be enough that the charge of plates has taken place faster. Thus, process is accelerated up to a state while the discharge will not burn constantly (constant, certainly it happens nothing, it will be simplis at the discharge very tall frequency), thus stress level of a magnetic flux will reach the peak value according to parameters of a contour. The first function of the discharge consists in it.

The conflagrant discharge carries also the second function. The discharge frees the energy packed into leptonic substance. The discharge destroys an ordered structure of a lepton. The magnetic flux in a contour is an obturated magnetic field at centre of a contour. The magnetic field corresponds{meets} to space. Hence, the magnetic flux is an obturated space at centre of a contour.

In sections of the chapter « the Sixth oncoming » is shown, that force of gravitation is result{effect} of a pressure gradient in a field of space, and the energy concluded in a lepton of space is, agrees "Kalagia", space light. Thus, freed energy - energy of pure light (it is not necessary to confuse to electromagnetic mode). Further the released energy diffuses in an outer space and again transfers in the bound leptonic state, incrementing pressure of space under the propeller of a plate and veering a vector of a pressure gradient on opposite. The local pressure gradient shaped by the propeller and a pressure gradient of an external field, defining force of gravitation, are counterpoised and shape area{field} with a zero lapse rate. If the area{field} of a zero lapse rate coincides with a centre of gravity of a plate - the plate will "hang"{"hover"}. It is obvious, that the lapse rate of pressures around of a plate will represent a figure under the shape the close to spherical. Vectors of a pressure gradient in it a field will be directed to centre of an orb where there will be an area{a field} of a zero lapse rate. Bias of area{field} of a zero pressure gradient concerning a centre of gravity of a plate will give in bias of a centre of gravity (i.e. all plate) in this area{field}. On it the principle of travel and guidance{management} sets up.

On fig.95 we visible, that the geometry of a cabin iterates geometry of energy. Centers of the overhead and inferior halfs of plate are joined by the current-conducting rod of tubular cross-section. It is necessary to form the second contour of an electric current. The first contour is a chain 1,2,3,4,5. The second contour is a chain 1,2,6,7,3,4,5. The second contour, at first, gives additional potential in a point of the discharge. Second, affecting on an electric current in a column allows to influence all process as a whole and, hence, can be observed{watched} as a device of guidance{management}. Thirdly, it is possible to remove energy from a column for « natural needs ».

Points 1-5 can be and made, as shown in figure, but at the strong gravitational affecting the exit of energy in a horizontal plane is a stabilizing factor for all plate. Speaking in a simplis way that the plate casually has not turned over and it was not divided about gravitating installation. That is, the horizontal exit of energy carries on itself gyroscopic functions. Besides the differential head in a horizontal plane allows to move in this plane without change of vertical coordinate (in a regime of "hovering"). Therefore the path of travel of a plate has the zigzag shape. Though, combining guidance{management} of horizontal and vertical thrust vector it is possible to achieve any mechanical trajectories. It, as they say, a trick.

As against an expedient of traffic by the application of mechanical force (see section "inertia") the plate will use a gravitational method of traffic, by affecting by a lapse rate of pressures. In a mechanical expedient the principle of change of frequency characteristics of atom acts, therefore before installation propellented in such a way there is a band of seal, and behind propellented installation a rarefaction area. Hence, as the velocity of light varies back to density change, the velocity of light before installation decreases on a rate of speed of installation, and behind propellented installation by this magnitude is incremented. Thus, the to the observer the radiant of a signal faster goes, the it is less velocity of a radiating signal from a radiant. And on the contrary, the from the observer the radiant of a signal faster leaves, the the signal from a radiant faster radiates. Signifies, the signal will come to the observer from a stationary value the velocity independent of velocity and a traffic route of a radiant. Ostensibly independent. Actually, the cancellation of a running speed and change of velocity of a signal give effect of a constancy of a velocity of light (expression: « the constancy of a velocity of light » in the given paragraph, naturally, was applied to three-dimensional model of perception).

In a gravitational principle of travel all on the contrary - the faster goes installation, the above velocity of a signal before installation and the it is less behind it{him} as before a propellented gravitational expedient installation the space is rarefied, and behind installation is obturated. Therefore for the observer, the installation propellented in such a way, will visually come nearer faster and to leave faster. If the installation will leave from the observer with a velocity of light it{he} will disappear. Hence, for the Lorentz's transformations superimposing restrictions on a running speed is simpl there is no place, in fact the velocity of light for the observer becomes magnitude variable, depending from a running speed of a radiant. The mechanical expedient of traffic - is result{effect} of strain of the installation on which there is a power affecting. The gravitational expedient of traffic is a result{an effect} of strain of a field around of installation. The installation is inside, in a point of a zero lapse rate. Actually, the installation always is in a zero-gravity if as much as possible to simplify - as though suspended inside an orb with a radial pressure gradient. Therefore the installation of any overloadings does not experience{test}. Properties of inertia miss, as these properties are manifested at mechanical affecting, as a residual deformation.

Interacting of energies with various type of traffic allows to gain various effects{results} of this interacting. If, for example, energies interreact, as shown in fig. 96 result{effect} of this interacting will be an opportunity to move outside of space and a time.

Look at fig. 97. These are alternatives of a swastika of an ancient Sanskrit civilization. To comment there is no necessity. It is possible to note only, that everywhere it is figured four junctions{seals} (we, also, showed four junctions{seals} for the greater obviousness of build-ups). It is thought, that for obtaining more precise geometry of paths of energy, these junctions{seals} should be, unconditional, it is more.

The construction of a plate can be used as the oscillator for obtaining gratuitous energy. We fix a plate, we bring in to "tail" the reel, close knife-switch (fig. 98). With the help of similar devices it is possible and to transfer energy, but what for it to do{make}, if her{it} is this energy - it is possible to extract on a place. Though if to aim at the enemy...

In "Kalagia" it is told, that liberation of energy occurs, if energy to discharge under pressure in one place. In figure 99 it is shown, as energy is discharged under pressure in one point. Liberation of energy occurs in a radial direction from a point of discharge under pressure (one plane is shown only). In figure 100 discharge under pressure of energy in a round of agency(effect) of energy is shown. Liberation of energy, probablly to occur should not. Such form of traffic bears(carries) functions of the gyroscope for maintenance of stability and an opportunity of moving in a horizontal plane. In figure 101 overlapping forms of traffic of energy is shown.

It is thought, also, that the form of seals{junctions} can be as in figures 102, 102А, 103, 103А. Thus heating is made in points of the beginning and the end of seals{junctions} so that the temperature gradient was equal a place of change of a path of a seal{junction} to null (counter heating).

Irkutsk. August - September. 2005 г.

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